Sylven meets Julian

Helloww naughty kinksters, it’s Sylvenv here with a new and interesting interview with Julian, a young kinkster from Germany with a special fetish… let's go!

Tell me more about yourself!​
I'm Julian, 26 and work in the legal field so I have a rather classic corporate job which takes up a lot of my time. Apart from working, I love to do various sports and try new sports as well. I also play football in a team (but I have no football gear fetish haha). You can find me on Twitter to see more hot stuff about me!

What fetish do you have?
I have a lot of kinks haha. My biggest kinks are certainly Rubber and BDSM. Those are the “basics” for me. The other fetish is watersport. It is such a hot thing to do with the right person. It really belongs to the Master/slave play for me. It also works great with dog/pup play. I love that it is something that comes right out of the body, something natural haha. I personally think that it is a very easy way to humiliate someone (or get humiliated) and it’s just so easy.

Are you passive/active or both in Watersports?
I’m definitely both! Just like BDSM and Master/slave play, it depends on the other part. Sometimes I enjoy receiving it and sometimes it can be nice to piss all over the body of a sub; then I feel like a master!

How did you discover the watersports kink fetish?
As most kinks, I saw a lot of watersports content on tumblr/twitter. It always turned me on so much to see a kinkster peeing on another one. So I wanted to try it myself. I did it alone for a very long time as it was really difficult to deal with it in the beginning. I always knew that I was into it but the smell and taste were extreme. That’s why I decided to get to know it better by myself. I didn’t want to disappoint anybody because I wasn’t able to keep it in my mouth but step by step it was getting more normal and now I f*king love it.

What do you like most with watersports play?
Definitely the humiliation which comes with peeing on a sub. It’s the ultimate way of showing someone that he only deserves your piss. But I also like the smell and taste (sometimes haha) that last thing I did not expect at all!

How do you feel when you wear your rubber gear?
I always feel confident and attractive when I’m in rubber. That’s why I love it so much. Depending on the outfit, I feel like a Dom or a sub. I would describe myself as a true 50/50 Versatile. If I wear a collar and a gimp mask, I instantly dive into the subspace. But if you give me a hot rubber gimp or a rubber dog, I instantly become a cruel dom.

Your twitter profile is hot with pics in gear; did you have negative reactions from friends/family?
I have some friends and family with whom I don’t share such things. Apart from that, I never have had a bad experience. But I try to surround myself with positive and open-minded people.

Are there things you want to discover?
Exploring new kinks is always nice and I love to do that. As I want to find an alternative to rubber for warmer days haha, I kinda would like to try PVC outfits. Especially PVC tracksuits from MR. Riegillio are so hot. But I also want to dive deeper into chastity, bondage techniques and maybe also diapers (as a Dom).

Thanks for reading this interview with Julian! Do you have an interesting fetish or kink don’t be afraid and hit me up send me a DM at instagram or Twitter and who knows you are next




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