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Heavy Rubber Belt

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This heavy rubber belt will go perfectly with any rubber jeans putting the finishing touch to the perfect outfit. With a high quality metal buckle and 6 or 7 holes reinforced with metal eyelets.

Belts may not seem like the most exciting accessory, but maybe you are just not using your imagination hard enough. If your pants tend to slip down because you’ve got some extra lovin’ on your hips, a belt is practical to keep your pants up. But more than this, a belt is the finishing touch to your outfit. It says you are “put together” and “ready to go”.

This heavy rubber belt is no different. It’s the icing on the cake to your latex outfit.

And if you are heading to a bdsm event, hey, you are wearing a long rubber strap with a buckle. It might come in handy… Just use your imagination. ;)